our means of transportation

Virdò’s trucking fleet is constantly monitored in terms of both safety and timing.

Through the wide choice of possible solutions ,shipments can be customized for any cargo need, complete or partial, allowing multiple types of transport, from combined to intermodal, from bulky to ‘exceptional, from bulk goods to temperature-controlled transport.

Autotrasporti Virdò is a company that pays attention to the regulations introduced to protect the environment and improve environmental climatic conditions through the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

In fact, all trucking vehicles are Euro 6 category.

Semi-trailers with refrigerator
Road Tractors
Fridge Engines
Curved Semi-Trailers

satellite detection

The entire fleet is equipped with a Satellite Tracking System, which provides detection and monitoring service for all our company vehicles, in real time.

goods Insured

The entire fleet is protected with insurance for carrier goods, which allows for extensibility to the "Per Account" formula, which allows us to insure the goods transported based on the amount we are asked to pay.

controlled temperature

Semi-trailers with refrigerator are equipped with bulkhead, tailgate and dual temperature, allowing the ideal truck to be chosen for the customer's needs according to the entrusted transport.

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