Trucking in Turin and Province

Domestic and International Trucking

We perform complete transports throughout Italy, operating particularly in Turin and province as well as in regions such as Liguria, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. Transportation of goods by road also extends abroad to France, Spain and Switzerland. 

Temperature Controlled Trucking

We provide full or partial load, temperature-controlled transportation service for perishable, fresh or dry food products. We strictly adhere to ATP regulations, which are the regulations for temperature-controlled refrigerated transportation of perishable foodstuffs for human consumption.

Frozen Trucking

Refrigerated goods are transported through refrigerated vehicles, with temperatures down to -30°, which can ensure continuity in the cold chain for all those frozen foods that require special attention and compliance with HACCP regulations that also govern the distribution of frozen products.

Direct Deliveries or Distribution

Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles, we make deliveries in direct mode, full-load, without intermediate transits or making a distribution according to the needs expressed by customers, optimizing costs and time attarverso the use of the most suitable means of transport.

Why choose Autotrasporti Virdò?

Over the years, our company has distinguished itself in the logistics and transportation industry as one of the most serious and reliable, offering domestic and international shipments.


Our fleet is equipped in such a way that we are flexible in freight modes and adapt perfectly to customer requirements.


We offer timely and accurate service, complying with current legal standards, especially concerned with security and privacy.


Transportation is carried out directly and with its own personnel specially trained in the Highway Code and EC regulations pertaining to that profession.

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we also offer an industrial washing service

Highly equipped and state-of-the-art, enabling careful cleaning Both outside and inside all means of transportation!