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Truck insurance is coverage that refers to commercial vehicles, thus, more generally to vans, box trucks, refrigerated vans and other similar vehicles whose mass is not more than 35 quintals.

In addition, it can also be valid for SUVs and off-road vehicles, but only if registration is in the truck category. As is the case with auto liability, truck insurance is also mandatory, regardless of whether the vehicle is used in a private non-commercial or professional context.

The insurance premium depends on the mass of the vehicle and not the model or power, so potentially a vehicle of higher weight and capacity may cause more damage, consequently the cost of the policy will be higher.

Additional coverage can also be requested for truck insurance, especially if they are used every day for work.

You can save money and find the best policy by choosing to rely on online truck insurance, there are so many offers available, the important thing is to know your way around and choose the most convenient one.

What is a truck?

According to the Highway Code, a truck is a vehicle for transporting goods, people and objects, the loaded weight is considered, which can range from 2.4 to over 12 tons.

To learn more about this topic, we recommend reading the article on the definition of a truck and what is the difference with tractor-trailers and other vehicles.

It is very important to know the details of the truck in order to identify the best insurance offer. Companies often offer several additional guarantees that can be very useful, for example, insurance coverage for goods, including particularly fragile ones, kasko coverage, and roadside and legal assistance.

Apply for a quote online

Before taking out an insurance contract, it is recommended to search for online truck insurance and compare the various offers available.

Online quotes for truck insurance are quick and easy to obtain; after filling out a form with some data, you get a cost estimate right away and can instantly assess whether the offer meets your needs.

The convenience of choosing online truck insurance lies in the fact that you can have all the necessary information and quote calculation without moving home, since a free automatic calculation system takes care of everything and releases the best offer.

There are many online truck insurance quote comparators that help you compare offers from various insurance companies and choose the most affordable one.

These services, in addition to comparing prices and offers, allow you to evaluate the most suitable terms, all from the comfort of your home.

To make the online quote calculation request, after choosing an online comparator or insurance agency, you need to have the truck’s registration certificate handy, which has all the necessary data for filling out the form. The estimate calculation is free of charge.

Online truck insurance with deductible

Truck insurance with ded uctible is often offered by insurance companies, including online ones.To better understand what it is, let’s see what is meant by the word “deductible.”

In insurance parlance, the deductible is the portion of the loss that the insured causes to a third party that he or she will personally indemnify. This means that a threshold is introduced into the insurance contract below which the insurance is invalid for any damage caused.

If the loss has an economic value higher than the deductible, the insurance covers only the higher amount or entirely, depending on whether the deductible is absolute or relative.

The absolute deductible outlines a threshold of compensation that the insured must recognize regardless of the damage caused or, even suffered. For example, if you take out insurance with a 500 euro deductible and cause a 600 euro loss, the insurance company will only pay 100 euro as coverage.

With the relative deductible, insurance does not cover insurance expenses below the threshold of the deductible, but if they are higher, it covers them in full. Thus, taking up the previous example, if the damage caused is 600 euros, the insurance will cover the entire expense and not just the excess. This type of deductible is more convenient for the insured but requires a higher premium.

Again, you can search for truck insurance with deductible directly online and evaluate the various offers from insurance companies to choose the most convenient one. The ways of searching and comparing quotes are the same as for truck insurance without deductible.

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