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HGVs cross roads all over Europe every day, taking care of transporting goods to their destination.

Drivers drive for hours, and there is often a need for a stop to recover from the miles driven. That is why the main European associations representing the industry have called for funding to create a network of parking lots specifically for trucks, with the aim of protecting the safety of drivers and the equipment on board.

Let’s see what the regulations for parking trucks are about and what’s new on the subject.


Where can trucks be parked?

Traveling long distances with heavy trucks is a job that requires a great deal of care, both while on the road and at rest stops.

Drivers often need to make extended stops and therefore require truck parking areas. But these places are far from safe and do not reflect adequate standards of comfort. The situation of highway parking areas has worsened, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, so much so that the European Commission has published a proposal on dedicated parking areas for trucks, lorries and trucks.

Also in response to growing demands from trade associations, stemming in part from legislation on maximum driving times, the EC proposal promotes common standards for safe and secure parking areas, equipped with sanitation, rest areas and with a video surveillance system to protect the goods on board. This will benefit not only drivers, but also transportation companies, shippers and insurers.

Having safer parking lots, in addition to ensuring the road safety of drivers, provides a positive impact on the health of the truck driver who will be rested and stress-free.

Truck parking: the regulations

As we have seen, major European associations protecting the trucking industry have lobbied the European Union to create safe parking areas for EU drivers.

In 2021, the European Union accepted these demands and allocated a sum of 100 million euros to improve the quality of safety for truck drivers.

Thanks to the new legislation, they are provided for:

  • An increased number of parking spaces designated for trucks
  • An increase in dedicated truck parking areas.

This is a major achievement in terms of driver safety and mental health for an industry as vital as trucking. We hope to see the effects of this necessary investment soon!

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