The tax credit for truck drivers 2022

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Are you a hauler and have you heard about the 2022 tax credit?

Today we will clarify any doubts about this regulatory device that allows companies in the trucking, domestic and international freight-for-hire sector to benefit from a tax credit equal to 28 percent of expenses incurred in the first quarter of 2022.

Expenses related to the purchase of used fuel on vehicles of Euro 5 category or higher. Let’s find out who the recipients of this measure are, how to apply, and what the timeline is.

Tax credit for truck drivers: who are the recipients of the measure?

Haulers with a registered office or permanent establishment in Italy who engage in freight transport for hire or reward as specified in the regulations are eligible to apply for a tax credit. Those who use vehicles with a total mass of 7.50 tons or more with diesel engines of Euro 5 category or higher.

What are the arrangements for the use of the haulers’ tax credit contribution?

You will have to apply through computer platform created ad hoc by the Ministry of Transport and connected to the Customs and Monopolies Agency the period is relatively short: 30 days from the date of opening with contribution of 28% on the expenditure incurred. Expenditure related to the first quarter of 2022 for the purchase of diesel fuel in vehicles of Euro 5 category or higher, used in the performance of freight transport activities net of value-added tax.

How to prove how much you spent? Through the relevant purchase invoices issued in the first quarter


Hauler tax credit: where to apply?

It is good to know that the 2022 trucking tax credit can be cumulated with other benefits, which are related to the same costs, provided that such cumulation does not result in exceeding the cost incurred. You will need to apply at the dedicated site. To learn more about how to apply for the trucking tax credit, we refer you to the official government website.

Once the application has been submitted, after five days of correct entry, the file will be sent to Consap for appropriate verification .

The submission of the application, will then initiate the verification and control phase by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility through Consap Spa, which, at the end of the controls, transmits to the Revenue Agency the list of companies eligible for the facility with the amount of credit granted.

Each instance submitted is identified with unique code “Instance Code.” The date and time requested is captured as the credit reimbursement processing will be done in chronological order of submission of applications. Once you have filled out the application you can download the summary in .pdf format by pressing a simple button below, we recommend that you keep a copy.

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