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Those who decide to entrust their goods to a carrier have an interest in being 100% protected from any damage that may occur during transport, for this there are numerous freight insurance formulas, taken out by the company to which the transport is entrusted: we also have one, if you want to know the details contact us!

Insurance serves to protect the carrier from the risks associated with goods damaged in transit, for which he may have to compensate the owner of the goods even for damages not resulting from his direct fault or responsibility.

By taking out a policy, the payment for loss-or damage-will be covered by the insurance company, and thus will not fall on the hauler. Taking out good insurance coverage is essential: even for the most skilled and precise professionals, it is impossible to completely zero out the risk rate.

As they travel, goods are continually exposed to the dangers of the road, from weather to theft, accidents to weather changes. A cargo insurance policy allows the carrier not to have to answer out of his own pocket for events for which he is not at fault, and the consignee of the goods to sleep easy, knowing that in any case any damage will be reimbursed.

The one for truck drivers is usually a so-called “All Risk Insurance”: it includes all risks except those explicitly and declaredly excluded by the insurance company at the time of contracting. This is a remarkable guarantee for both the insured and the customer who turns to him for his goods: whatever unforeseeable event happens, the goods are insured.

The annual premium paid by the insured usually depends on the type of service he or she provides: in fact, insurance companies have different rates depending on the characteristics of the trucking business, from the nature of the goods to the countries traversed, from the types of vehicles to the storage period.

Choosing to rely on serious and responsible companies, who work expertly and professionally and who have taken out a serious and comprehensive policy, also means protecting you and your goods from the more unpredictable and unavoidable risks, having the absolute guarantee of being compensated in case of any damage.

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