What is trucking for hire or reward?

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One of the main activities related to the world of transportation, as well as the core of the SERVICES  we offer, is trucking. To understand exactly what it is, one must consult the law that governs it: Article 40 of Law 298/74, which defines transportation of goods for hire or reward as “the entrepreneurial activity for the provision of transportation services for a specified fee.” In other words, it means the service of those who professionally (and thus not in an instrumental way to other activities) transfer things of third persons for a fee.

Unlike those who transport things for themselves-thereby using their own means to transport goods they own, and as a complementary or ancillary activity-those who engage in trucking for hire or reward are subject to special regulations and disciplines, as a guarantee to potential customers. First, in order to perform activities of this kind, it is essential to hold a freight hauler’s license.

A license for trucking is a specific authorization to perform the service, issued by the Ministry of Transport. To obtain it, it is first necessary to be registered in the national register of truck drivers, and to obtain a special permit from the provincial offices of the Civil Motorization. Authorization allows to carry out contract transport service throughout the country, and must be granted for each vehicle in the fleet.
To obtain a license, certain legal requirements must be met:

What do you need to do to obtain a third-party trucking license?

In order for a license to be issued, certain legal requirements must be met:

1) Moral fitness (or honorability)

The person who administers or owns the contract transportation enterprise must not have any special legal pending, specified Article 41 of Law 06/06/1974, no. 298. For example, he must not have been declared a habitual offender, Must not have had one or more convictions by final judgment, for a non-negligent offense, to imprisonment for a total of more than two years and six months, or have been finally subjected to administrative penalties, e.g., for unlawful practice of a profession, five times during the last five-year period suspension of a driver’s license, etc.

2) Professional Suitability

It is necessary to prove it by attending specific training courses held by authorized bodies or by holding the professional title of transport manager, passing the licensing examination

3) Financial capability

The Financial Capacity of the enterprise must be 9,000 euros for the first vehicle and 5,000 euros for subsequent vehicles.

The regulations identify different requirements based on the weight transported: for haulage of goods for hire or reward of less than 1.5 tons, only the requirement of good standing is necessary; above 1.5 tons, it is also essential to demonstrate the requirements of professional competence and financial capacity.

Freight trucking rates vary according to the quality of services provided and the type of transport. If you are interested, please contact us to find the solution that best suits your needs and entrust your goods in safe hands, to transport them throughout Italy and Europe.

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