Crane trucks; what they are and who can drive them

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Crane trucks are vehicles specifically for lifting and handling heavy loads (prefabs, containers, laterals, etc.) They are properly trucks equipped with an articulated boom with different application variants depending on the predestined use, which is why they have excellent versatility. Crane trucks are used not only in the construction industry, but also in floral and forestry, electrical, telecommunication industry, road construction sites, waterworks, gas pipelines or moving vehicles and scrap/waste.

A c driver’s license is required to drive this type of vehicle, but there are some models of tipper trucks with cranes that can be used by those with a b license. Of course, each work requirement corresponds to a model of truck crane, which will have to be chosen considering its capacity, standard equipment and configuration.

What are the advantages of crane truck?

In case there is no need to resort to considerably complex means, a tool that can provide excellent performance is the manual truck crane. In fact, it can be used by both small and large companies, as well as in warehouses of any size, as it can move and handle significant loads. Certainly choosing a crane truck has the advantage of being simple in operation and can be equipped with the latest instrumentation and materials; therefore, with not much expense, different types of work can be performed and excellent results can be achieved. The capacity of the manual truck crane can range from 500 kg to 900 kg and is easy to install; it also has the feature of 360° rotation. It does not require approval, i.e., entry in the vehicle registration, as it can be removable during road transport.

“Light cranes” are defined as truck cranes with small load lifting, equipped with a single boom with a weight capacity of up to 35 q. They perform a rotational movement that occurs hydraulically, and it turns out to be possible to position loads with the utmost precision and deposit them with extreme accuracy. The set-up of these cranes can be: behind cab with fixed or even tipping body; on the rear overhang and can be fixed or removable; removable even inside bodies. The 35 q truck cranes can be distinguished by the following features: light weight and small footprint; Ease of operation and maintenance; Operation with vehicle hydraulics or independent electro-hydraulic power unit.

A solution that proves to be very safe and effective in the performance of lifting and load handling work is the provision of radio control for truck cranes . This makes it possible to remotely manage operations and make it easier for the operator to perform the work he has to do. Generally, the radio control device should be equipped with an emergency stop button and another button that operates the buzzer. It must also have: a transmitting unit, which is a portable, battery-powered equipment; a receiving unit that is installed on the crane; and a unique identification represented by the serial number on the two units.

The installation of the truck crane radio control must be carried out by a licensed technician who certifies the execution of the diagram connecting the receiving unit with the crane’s electrical panel. The radio control can feature multidirectional levers, and the arrangement of controls refers directly to the UNI EN 12999 standard.

When to choose a used crane truck

For many companies, opting to purchase a used truck crane means saving money in costs while having a working machine that provides excellent performance and durability.

Each work sector demands suitable means: for example, in construction, cranes are needed that are characterized by speed, precision and high reach; in the case of landscaping, on the other hand, there is a tendency toward the choice of Used truck cranes, which are equipped with an operator basket, taking into account safety, convenience in operation and also in saving time; for waste collection and disposal usually the hydraulic arm with spider. Basically, each crane truck has different accessories for the type of function. It is mostly small businesses that turn to trusted dealers to purchase used truck cranes .

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