How to obtain the CQC freight license

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The CQC freight license is the Driver Qualification Card that became mandatory for certain categories of truck drivers starting in 2009.

Those seeking information on the CQC license usually are truckers who regularly perform transportation activities for a company without having the license; or those who have the
C, D license
to carry out transportation activities and do not know if they also need the CQC and if so, what they need to do to obtain it. Let’s have some clarity.

What is the CQC license?

Although the CQC is called a professional driver’s license, it is actually a driver qualification card, so in fact it is a qualification, which can be intense as an extension of the driver’s license, which became mandatory in Italy after the transposition of the European Directive 2003/9/EC. So the driver’s license and CQC are not a single document.

The qualification covers professionals who carry out transportation activities for third parties with vehicles of more than 3.5 tons full load mass, whether goods or people.

With this qualification, C and D license holders can regularly perform the activity for which it is essential to obtain this qualification. Since it is a supplement to the driver’s license, should the latter be revoked, it will also have an effect on the dwelling, while the argument is different for points.

The CQC freight license has a system of managing the points hoped for from the driver’s license, which will be deducted only in the event of an offense committed during trucking activity.

We specify that there are three types of CQC licenses: CQC freight, CQC people and CQC freight/person.

Who needs to obtain the CQC license?

The driver’s qualification card is an extension of the C and D licenses, so at least one of the two must be obtained first.

The qualification might appear to be required for those with higher licenses, but in reality it is only required as a supplement for haulers and drivers in these categories:

  • Professional drivers for trucking of goods and/or people
  • Freight/passenger transportation
  • Drivers whose main activity is trucking
  • Drivers who transport people on their own account, hired as drivers.

Obtaining the CQC license

If you already hold a C, D or higher license, to obtain the CQC you must attend a training course and then take the final exam.

The course is compulsory and can be taken in authorized driving schools, has two modes of conduct: ordinary with 260 hours of theory and 20 hours of practice, and accelerated with 130 hours of theory 10 hours of practice.

Those who hold the freight CQC and want to obtain the people CQC or vice versa may have access to a 35-hour accelerated training course that will cover only the topics related to the specific part of the CQC to be achieved.

The examination for obtaining it involves two tests, a “common” and a “specialized” one; the candidate cannot take them on the same day. The mode of conduct is the same as for the other types of licenses: a computerized quiz of 60 questions with True or False answers to be given in 120 minutes. The exam is passed if no more than 6 errors are made.

To be eligible for the “specialist” part, one must pass the “common” test and then apply to the DMV. If the result of either test is negative, the test can be repeated 30 days after the last performance.

To maintain the CQC license, it will be mandatory to take a periodic training course every five years, as stipulated in Directive 2003/59/EC.

CQC license cost

The cost of CQC license may vary depending on the authorized driving schools, in general the CQC people can cost between 800 and 1500 euros, while the CQC freight has a cost in the range of 2,000 and 4,000 euros. Finally, the expense for the 35-hour renewal course is 200 euros.

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