For how many hours can a truck driver drive?

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It is universally recognized that performing impeccable trucking service is first and foremost a great responsibility to others and a great sacrifice.

Because this is a physically and mentally demanding job, there are regulations regarding rest hours in trucks coming mainly from Art.6 REG. (EC) No.561/2006 but also by Art. 4 of the Highway Code.

It is in fact a job that not everyone can do, requiring great stamina and aptitude, as well as the utmost attention and professionalism.

Today we find out about the hourly regulations for truck drivers, what care must be taken to do the best job.

The regulations for truck drivers: resting

The first rule that every truck driver must comply with is to respect driving hours and alternating with rest hours. Let’s try to simplify as much as possible what the law states on the subject:

  1. Each truck driver will be allowed to drive up to a maximum of 9 h daily which can be extended to 10 only for 2 times each week.
  2. Each week the truck driver may drive for a maximum of 56 h
  3. Wherever you go you will be required to break for 45 min. every 4 1/2 hours of driving approximately. Minutes that could also be divided and distributed over the 4 h for at least 15 minutes each
  4. If the truck driver drives 10 hours daily, he will have to make at least 2 stops within the day unless there is a substitute driver in the cab.

Truck driving hours regulation: the driver in Italy

Therefore, the driving time for a motorist per day should not exceed 9h, or 10h only twice a week.

In these 9 hours there will always have to be intervals to keep attention high.

However, the daily commitment may not exceed 13 to 15 hours, and the remaining 9 hours must strictly be for driver refreshment.

To simplify: in the day consisting of 24 h at least 11 hours will be devoted to rest.

The cadenced driving break will be 45 min. every 4 1/2 hours and can also be divided into 15+30 min. as desired.

According to Art.8 (Com. 6-9) REG.(EC) No.561/2006 states. o Art.4. of the Highway Code on rest: the work week must be a maximum of 60 hours counting rest and breaks. However, there is a parameter: the average weekly work for 17 weeks, cannot exceed 48 hours according to European Directive No.15/2002 (EC)

In addition to truck driving hours, there is also a requirement to have a driver’s card, with analog disks tracking everything, a tachograph printout or a paper record of absences with manual entries, which can be checked when needed. Text that will be in the possession of the driver for 28 days.

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