The rules that a good truck driver must follow

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It is universally recognized that driving a heavy vehicle is first and foremost a great responsibility and sacrifice.

It is in fact a job that not everyone can do, requiring self-sacrifice and aptitude, a very delicate operation that needs the utmost attention and professionalism.

Today we find out the regulations for truck drivers, what rules it consists of both legal and common sense, in order to perform their work to the best of their ability.

The regulation for truck drivers: resting

The first rule that every truck driver must comply with is to respect driving hours and alternating with rest hours.

Let’s try to simplify as much as possible what the law states on the subject:

  1. Each truck driver will be allowed to drive up to a maximum of 9 h daily which can be extended to 10 only for 2 times each week.
  2. Each week the truck driver may drive for a maximum of 56 h
  3. Wherever you go you will be required to break for 45 min. every 4 hours or so of driving. Minutes that could also be divided and distributed over the 4 h for at least 15 minutes each
  4. If the truck driver drives 10 hours daily, he will need to make at least 2 stops within the day.
  5. His daily rest can be of 3 types: regular, fractional or reduced.
    Like any other driver, the truck driver also should not get distracted on the phone, lest he endanger himself, others and get 5 points taken off his license by getting a hefty fine; he will also be careful not to get distracted by driving rage.

The rules for truck drivers: transport documents and freight positioning

In addition to complying with the legally required hours of rest, a truck driver must also make his or her journey comfortable and safe. The first thing to check before hitting the road will be to check that all the documentation related to the goods it is transporting is in order and complete otherwise it would result in penalties or major delays on transports especially international ones.

He will also have to place goods correctly and strategically to avoid delays or damage to materials, always considering weight and delivery history.

Check vehicle status and monitor fuel consumption

Safety is essential for the motorist and other drivers on the road, for such emotional among the rules of the good truck driver is definitely getting behind the wheel of safe vehicles. You will need to check the operation of position indicators, proper tire pressure, mirror tilt, keep the vehicle clean and tidy to avoid distractions while driving.

Any self-respecting truck driver always takes into account transportation time and fuel consumption, knows when he or she can push to deliver the load and when it is critical to try to reduce fuel waste and unnecessary environmental damage.

Rules of the road code for truck drivers

Like all drivers, the truck driver should never take alcohol or drugs while driving since his reliability and lucidity behind the wheel depends on it. In addition to seriously endangering the lives of the driver and other road drivers from such reckless behavior, the good name of the company and its brand image will suffer.

For the same reason, it will be essential to always be neat in appearance, use the prescribed protective equipment, and behave politely and composedly with other drivers.

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