Road Transport and Environment

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Road transport data

Road transport accounts for a very high percentage of the total volume of transport (74 percent in Europe, 85 percent in Italy), and consequently is responsible for a large part of pollutant emissions. Moreover, the vehicle fleet in our country is one of the oldest in Europe, with an average age (for vehicles of 16 tons or more) of more than 11 years. Older vehicles with dated economic standards have far higher pollutant emissions than newer, higher-performance vehicles: According to research by GiPA (a market research institute specializing in automotive) by completely renewing the fleet of industrial road vehicles within 20 years, we would see a reduction in Co2 emitted by 58 million tons!

The situation of the fleet in Italy

59% of the trucks on the road in Italy (12/2017 data) have a class below Euro 3, and are therefore more than 12 years old and have very, very high pollution levels. A Euro 1 vehicle pollutes almost 3 times as much as a Euro 5 vehicle, both in terms of PM and Nox. Choosing to entrust your transport to companies with a fleet of Euro 4 or higher vehicles means making an efficient choice both in terms of safety (new vehicles correspond to significantly higher safety standards) and in terms of respect for the environment. Indeed, if it is now impossible to do without road transport, the best thing to do is to invest in efficiency and emission reduction.

Green road transport is possible!

It is not an impossible challenge: we at Autotrasporti f.lli Virdò have decided to commit ourselves to respecting the environment as much as possible by building a fully Euro 5 vehicle fleet that is new, reliable and environmentally friendly. Respect for the Planet is not someone else’s job, but all of ours: the air we breathe is ours and the children who will breathe it in the next 50 years are ours. Choosing well today is key to protecting the environment, even when we talk about logistics and transportation!

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