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In recent years, the world of logistics has been able to make good use of evolving technologies to increase its efficiency and its impact on the environment. One of the innovations that has most revolutionized the world of logistics in recent decades is satellite tracking for trucks, or-to use a term more familiar to everyone-GPS. An acronym we all know and are now part of our lives, but it has become truly vital and indispensable to the trucking world, both for drivers and those who manage fleets.

GPS is an acronym, it stands for Global Positioning System; in Italian “Sistema di posizionamento globale.” It works through a combination of 27 satellites that interact with trackers (like the ones we have in our cell phones) by calculating location, speed and direction. The practical application that has brought luster and fame to this technology is satellite navigation systems, which have also had a major impact in the trucking world. In fact, a satellite truck navigator has made it possible to have maps that are always up-to-date and adapted to the needs of truck drivers has simplified the life of truck drivers, making the whole process of logistics more efficient.

A new application of GPS has also emerged in recent years that is truly revolutionary for those in the trucking business: satellite tracking for trucks. Through special detectors installed on trucks, it is in fact now possible for those who manage truck fleets to monitor the movements and efficiency of each individual vehicle, thereby increasing safety on the roads and the efficiency of the entire process. The benefits of satellite truck tracking are really many; here are some of them!

1.      Fuel savings

The latest generation of satellite trackers can effectively monitor driving activity and truck performance. This allows drivers and fleet managers to constantly monitor extraordinary fuel consumption, perhaps due to vehicle malfunctions or poor driving habits. Keeping theenergy efficiency of vehicles under control is not only a way to manage corporate resources wisely, but also a sign of care and responsibility toward the Planet and the environment!

2.      Drive responsibly

Safety on the road is a priority for those in the trucking business: a satellite truck tracker allows fleet managers to keep tabs on the driving behavior of each of their employees. This makes it possible to deter traffic violations, but also to verify that each truck driver takes the proper time to rest and be fresh, clear-headed and responsive when driving the truck. A guarantee for those who circulate on the roads, but also for those who entrust their goods to a well-located courier.

3.      Always safe

A satellite tracking system linked to a good burglar alarm is an excellent deterrent to crooks, and in many cases enables quick recovery of stolen goods. Knowing the location of one’s vehicles at all times is critical for anyone who wants to offer safe and insured transportation.

4.      Less waste, more control

Running a fleet is an expensive business: between fuel, maintenance and operating expenses, it is good to try to avoid any waste. A satellite tracking system allows fleet managers to monitor the entire transportation process, thus enabling them to act quickly if there is waste due to excessively long routes, or inefficient driving habits. Having clear and verified data on your fleet is critical to eliminating unnecessary expenses and offering honest and competitive prices to your customers.

Our entire fleet is monitored and controlled with the best satellite technologies: we know how much the goods that each of our customers chooses to entrust to us are worth, which is why we keep an eye on them as best we can, while also making sure that there are no unnecessary expenses, so that we can guarantee safe, quick and convenient service!

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