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Truck accessories are really indispensable for a driver, as the car is more than just a vehicle to them. Think of a house without furnishings and what it arouses in you. The truck is a real home for drivers, where they spend most of their lives; therefore, it is important to make the environment convenient and comfortable. There are numerous truck accessories that modern drivers cannot do without. Let’s look at the different types.

Truck light accessories

Bright truck accessories are chosen by many drivers to make their vehicles more personal and truly original. These accessories are often plaques or inscriptions referring to the trucker or his life. Custom neon truck light tables are also currently available, which will make the car really cool. Not a few choose decidedly custom upholstery and not a few want to decorate their truck with lights, headlights, LEDs. In this regard, however, it must be said that it must be done within the terms of the law: trucks that are too brightly lit are no longer allowed to drive.

Cabin interior accessories

There are many, many, accessories that an experienced driver no longer forgets at home. According to Christophe Gaussin, CEO of the company of the same name, “Cabin life must be aligned with what are the needs of modern mobility. It must be a link between the driver and his mission, between the truck and the environment that circulates it. It must be clean, safe, easy to use but at the same time smart to operate with maximum efficiency… and it must be recognizable over time. Pininfarina not only designed the cab the way we dreamed of it, but managed to tell an intergenerational story. For our part in Gaussin, we are working to deliver the best performance to our customers while safeguarding the planet for the next generations.”

Therefore, it is important to take care of all the needs of the driver. Cables to charge one’s devices are must-have accessories in a cabin, even a tablet and phone sticker holder to attach to one’s glass are essential.

Stainless steel accessories for trucks

Stainless truck accessories are very useful for both aesthetics and functionality.

We have seen that heavy-duty long-distance vehicles are somewhat of a second home for drivers, so they are customized, for example, with stainless truck accessories. Indeed, the aesthetics of these giants of the road can change and become more engaging with stainless truck accessories. There are companies so specialized in this specific area that they are able to offer hundreds of items for each brand.

Each truck has specific accessories divided into categories such as headlight covers, mirror caps, headlight holder brackets, fender profiles, door handle surrounds, license plate holders, tanks and more.

Truck wash accessories

Drivers and dispatchers constantly use specific products for washing and cleaning trucks. A wide range of accessories and chemicals essential for the daily operations of those in the trucking industry can be found. As for the range of truck cleaning and washing products, various types of cleaners and accessories can be purchased: from deoxidizing rust remover, for easy removal of surface rust from bodywork, sheet metal, active foam, steel and metal components, to the , highly concentrated intensive for pre-washing and washing vehicles in car washes.

The range of accessories and products for trucks and industrial vehicles also includes the DIN 76051-compliant large wheel stop wedge, which achieves the highest standards of structural strength. A supply of packaging stretch film rolls and other types of packaging films, such as the popular millebubble, can also be ordered directly online. Professional chemical sprays and cleaners are also available for cleaning the passenger compartment. Among the most popularly purchased ones are odor eliminator, sanitizing foam, passenger compartment cleaner, dashboard spray cleaner, and Active-Clean car cleaner, 95 percent biodegradable, whose foam stays on the surface and actively extracts dirt when bubbles burst.

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