What is meant by “axes” when it comes to trucks?

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Knowing all the components of a truck perfectly is a very important aspect for truck drivers.

A truck driver who is aware of the structure of his or her vehicle, if it malfunctions while traveling, can immediately frame the problem and take action himself or herself, sometimes saving on the cost of calling a mechanic.

In this article we will look in detail at a key part of this special means of transportation: truck axles.

What are truck axles?

The spine is the main support of all living things with vertebrae. It is the main support of the human body, without which it would be impossible to walk and make movements.

The same concept can sum up the role of the axles of a truck. These mechanical components are critical to the operation of a heavy vehicle because:

  • They support the mass of the truck
  • They connect the front and rear wheels together

In the absence of the axles, the wheels cannot be connected directly to the motor, and consequently the ability to turn left or right with the steering is lost.

What are truck axles used for?

As we have seen, the main role of the axles is to keep the car in balance.

The main functions of the two parallel wheels aligned with each other are:

  • Helping to support the weight of the vehicle and any load
  • Acting as part of the steering, suspension, or steering system

In some trucks, the axle of the vehicle is directly responsible for transferring power from the drive shaft to the wheels. To make this system possible, the use of several other components along with the bogie axle is essential.

It is worth noting that depending on size and mass, it is possible for a truck to have more than one axle. Let’s find out in the last paragraph the number of axles available in a truck and what load capacity they can support during a trip.

How many axles does a truck have?

As anticipated, the amount of axles in the structure of a truck is directly proportional to the tonnage of the vehicle.

Larger trucks can then be equipped with multiple axles to support the weight of the load carried by the vehicle.

An 18-wheel truck, for example, is a type of truck with 18 wheels mounted on four, five or six axles.

More tires promote more even load distribution, helping to stabilize the truck and prevent damage to other components.

In fact, axles can break under extreme load or after being impacted.

Many axles are built to fit the axle bearings that allow the wheels and other moving parts to move smoothly. The location and purpose of these bearings may vary depending on the type of axle used on the carriage, although most axles are likely to work in conjunction with bearings that allow the wheels to move freely.

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