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Every year, the minister in charge of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport publishes the decree on truck bans, which covers only certain categories of vehicles and road transport.

This is a schedule of bans on heavy vehicles outside population centers for certain days and times of the year.

For the 2021 traffic bans, reference is made to the December 29, 2020, Decree No. 604 signed by Minister Paola De Micheli, which came into effect from the day of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic.

This measure is designed to suspend traffic in heavy trucks during those periods of increased traffic on the road, ensuring better safety conditions.

Heavy vehicles affected by the traffic ban

The restrictions in the schedule of traffic bans covers vehicles with a mass of more than 7.5 tons intended for freight transport, transport of exceptional goods or with exceptional loads, and transport of dangerous goods.

Preventing this category of heavy vehicles from moving on the road on days when road traffic outside population centers is greatest reduces the risk of accidents involving cars and motorcycles.

Of course, there are some heavy trucks that are exceptions and can continue to drive freely on the road even on days when there is a ban.

Some categories of heavy vehicles excluded from the traffic ban

The truck ban does not apply to vehicles belonging to the following:

  • Police Forces;
  • Armed Forces and Port Authority Corps;
  • Firefighters;
  • Civil Defense;
  • Italian Red Cross;
  • Regions and other territorial entities, including in associated form.

Vehicles used for the following public services are also excluded from the ban ( even if they run unloaded):

  • Water supply, gas, electricity;
  • Garbage and refuse collection;
  • Emergency sewer and cesspool removal;
  • postal services, carried out with vehicles belonging to the Communications Department of the Ministry of Economic Development or Poste Italiane S.p.A., provided they are marked with the PT emblem or the Poste Italiane emblem.
  • broadcasting services;
  • Emergency response and emergency services related to road traffic management,
  • Used by entities that own and/or operate roads.

Again, the following heavy vehicles may circulate:

  • Tankers used to transport water for domestic use;
  • Tankers used to transport fresh milk;
  • Vehicles used to transport feed for farm animals or raw materials for their production;
  • Supplies intended for refreshment service on board aircraft or aircraft engines and spare parts;
  • supplies of provisions or goods for other services essential to the activities of the merchant marine;
  • Supplies of newspapers, dailies and periodicals;
  • Supplies of products for medical use;

The full list of vehicles excluded from the 2021 traffic ban on certain days and times can be found in the annex accompanying the decree law, which can be found here.

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