How do you manage an e-commerce warehouse?

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The needs of online commerce have changed with lightning speed, just as the tools to meet them have become increasingly sophisticated.

To manage a warehouse in the best possible way, the first thing is to possess maximum efficiency and speed in your organization. We have been involved in transportation and logistics for years, and we can rightfully emphasize the importance of treating warehouse management processes in a consistent and integrated manner to achieve profitable multichannel trading.

There is a need for software that, with a single interface, is able to follow all active and passive processes of production, warehouse, and sales, allowing you to work faster and making very few mistakes.

We firmly believe that when a company has structured e-commerce in addition to physical locations, warehouse management will need to be even more flawless and rapid. In fact, online trade is based precisely on the rapid movement of goods and smooth handling of online customer requests. Whether you are dealing with B2B or B2C your e-commerce will need some pillars for good inventory management, let’s see which ones.

Warehouse management for an e-commerce

The essential points to consider in order to fortify the logisticpe component of an online shop are:

  • Inflexible management of information flow: an e-commerce data system must possess accurate information about each commodity, its availability and reorder times. The customer himself will have to see if a product he is purchasing is available in real time.
  • Physical warehouse with dedicated areas for each feature: packing and shipping with quick labeling, the use of working and standardized code readers for all staff handling, manic storage of goods.
  • Working on speed of order fulfillment and management: grounded in perfect control in stock and returns to be reallocated.

E-commerce warehouse management: cataloging

If you want to own an efficient and fast warehouse essential will be employing and good internal digitization where all goods. These should be presented with as much detail as possible so that they can be associated with similar commodity catalogs.

The more goods are sorted and cataloged well, the better the transportation and sales process will be.

Have you ever noticed in an e-commerce the option “you might also like this…” is the result of good cataloging of goods and is an essential strategy of online marketing (cross-selling and up-selling). Even in the B2B market, knowing how to offer customers products similar to those they have already tried increases loyalty by 70 percent.

The receipt of goods in e-commerce warehouse

The logistics path from order receipt to goods sale and delivery also goes throughexcellent stock management.

For online sales, the timing of stock and quantity of products, is labile: these can shrink drastically in a matter of hours and you should never be caught unprepared.

For this reason, it is essential to align online and offline warehouse data, because operating in a multichannel system, judicious coordination will determine the portentous results for sales.

The control of goods in the warehouse today must be even more thorough, unforeseen administrative hitches such as incorrect preparation of transport documents, difficulties in procurement, or even delays in deliveries due to unreliable carriers will have to be avoided.

Relying on our many years of experience will improve the efficiency of e-commerce service, counting on faster turnaround times. Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles, we make deliveries in direct mode, full-load, without intermediate transits or a distribution according to the needs expressed by customers, optimizing costs and time through the use of the most suitable means of transport.

You will increase the satisfaction rate of users by providing them with more accurate timelines, you can also make automatic or iterative replenishment purchases possible.

A good e-commerce warehouse is given by the harmonious work between back office and efficient supply chain-that is what we are there for. Over the years, our company has distinguished itself in the logistics and transportation industry as one of the most serious and reliable, offering domestic and international shipments of all kinds.

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