What is meant by green supply chain?

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What is green supply chain management in simple terms? Green supply chain management involving sustainable environmental processes integrated into conventional supply chains, from production to operations to end-of-life management of products, incorporating the 4 principles of: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, and degrade.

Green supply chain management

The green supply chain in transportation aims to reduce the impact of pollutants, deforestation, ozone depletion and global warming that affect our environment more and more with each passing day. It is about finding sustainable transportation solutions that do not erode businesses but make them more flexible and green, solutions that could range in the use of electric vehicles or from the judicious use of, for example, smart packaging.

Indeed, using appropriately sized packing boxes, avoiding oversized boxes for smaller shipments, choosing recyclable paper packages in place of plastic packaging.

The other major revolution that is slowly taking hold is the use of electric fleets instead of fossil fuel-based fleets to reduce carbon emissions. However, electric vehicles can also provide better maintenance performance and longer range for charging.

It will require companies to partner with manufacturing industries that bring on board suppliers who have a proven track record of implementing green practices in their processes, thus incorporating environmental consciousness as a factor or metric for supplier selection.

Green supply chain management: the right choice for your business

In a world where sustainability is an essential element of any forward-looking business and significantly guides purchasing choices, companies must change their perspective and measure their impact on the environment by embracing a more holistic view that considers every small link in the Supply Chain.

Aspects of the green supply chain include business management that includes useful systems and solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the production (and distribution) cycles of a product or service. It is a discipline that is divided into 4 areas in turn which are:

Green Manufacturing: that is, the renewal of the entire production process and the adoption of essentially eco-friendly practices in production activities. Among the most popular? That of reducing the use of nonrenewable materials, avoiding waste and waste, and actively dealing with the recycling of materials and components.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, a complex name that stands for the practice of favoring services with reduced environmental impact such as certified environmentally friendly suppliers with concrete commitment to CO2 reduction and energy consumption, who deal with waste in a green way.

Green IT: Green IT (information technology) is that which includes hardware with energy-efficient solutions, powerful clouds, and green software that monitors supplies in a virtual and advanced way.

Ecodesign: this is process design that upstream is based on the dynamic and efficient use of materials, where resources are already designed with zero impact and reuse of waste is part of a viable circular economy that looks forward. The principles of this ecological design are the pillars of the green supply chain and apply along all stages of the life cycle and in all processes of processing, storage and distribution. All processes will in turn be guided by the principles of energy efficiency and reduction of carbon inputs.

Why does the Supply Chain need to be “green”?

We at Auto Trasporti Virdò firmly believe that there is no more time to waste and that the supply chain must become green as quickly as possible. Every day we strive for this, environmentally friendly and passionate about what we do.

Supply chain optimization is in fact a fundamental operation for any company, each of them will have to increase performance yes but always take into account environmental sustainability without being afraid of losing in economic results. We need to dispel the myth that companies that invest in the Green Supply Chain earn less, quite the contrary. These will gain relevant opportunities aimed at an environmentally conscious target audience, improving not only their own impact but also brand reputation.

Over the years, our company has distinguished itself in the logistics and transportation industry as one of the most serious and reliable, offering domestic and international shipments. Rely on us.

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