What are the licenses for trucks?

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What license do you need to drive a truck? How do you achieve it? In fact, not everyone knows that the usual B driver’s license, is not sufficient to drive a “truck,” that is, according to the Highway Code, a vehicle used to transport goods on its own account (such as those in our
In the meantime, it should be specified that the B license, the one you normally get that is essential for driving a car, is not enough: the one needed to drive a truck is the C license;
REMEMBER: However, there is also one classified as C1, which, as of 2013, allows limited tonnage trucks to be driven.

The requirements for the C driver’s license

The first requirement for obtaining a C license is to have a B license: the driving tests-both theory and practical-are different, so knowing how to drive a car is a prerequisite!

The minimum age for obtaining a truck license is still 18, but to be able to drive all trucks you have to wait until you turn 21, unless you obtain along with the C license the CQC freight transport qualification with ordinary training, a special license that is also required for professional freight transport.

The theory exam includes specific questions on truck driving, from safety rules for loading and unloading to regulations governing driving and rest periods.

Medical examination and validity of C license

In addition to the practical examination, then, there is also a particularly thorough medical examination: in order to obtain a Type C license, in fact, a visual acuity of no less than 12/10 overall, and with a minimum of 4/10 in each eye, and hearing capable of hearing from each ear the speaking voice at a distance of at least 8 meters is required.

In the medical examination, then, reaction times to simple and complex stimuli, light and sound will also be assessed!

The C license is valid for 5 years, until the age of 65: then it is necessary to renew it every two years and obtain a certificate from the local medical board. Here is a summary table of the duration and validity of licenses:

photos of driver's license duration and validity

Other truck licenses

In addition to the C license, there are other licenses, derived from it, with special limitations or licenses.

The C1 driver’s license is a sort of “smaller” version of the C category: it allows you to drive goods vehicles up to 7.5 tons, and exceptional operating machines.

Then, for professional transportation of goods, there is the CQC, the driver qualification card. It can be specific to freight transport, passenger transport, or both: it is an extension of the C license, which and can be obtained after a training course and a final exam.

Then there is the CE license: it also allows you to drive vehicles consisting of a category C tractor and a trailer (or semi-trailer) heavier than 750kg.

Our drivers have the necessary licenses to offer all the services our customers need in the trucking field.

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