What is meant by green logistics?

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On October 5-7, 2022 organized by Sena there was the second exhibition dedicated to Green logistics at the Padua Fairgrounds.

Values such as environmental sustainability are issues in business that can no longer be ignored. Fortunately, there are many B2B companies today that have become aware, beyond legislative obligations, of the negative impact of commodity processes and management on the environment and people, hence the development of green logistics.

Let’s find out together what were the pivotal topics and proposals to minimize the environmental impact of logistics activities and trucking services.

Green logistics in new business policies

Eco-friendly principles now fortunately also invest logistics with regard to models of organizing and managing distribution flows. When we talk about green logistics, we talk about
Green transportation means that deal with normal shipping, storage but not only. Steps to make logistics more efficient and green are not only related to the use of sustainable trucking but to various delivery and warehouse management innovations.

In addition to Road Transport , which should be increasingly electric or hybrid, applying sustainability will also mean having greener logistics modes such as trains or ships. Also, using recyclable Packaging with reduced weight and size and bundling multiple shipments from the same area to emit less Co2.

Logistics infrastructure such as warehouses also have a large impact on the environment due to the use of electricity for air conditioning, heating but also lighting and indoor machinery. Companies should equip themselves with renewable-powered vehicles in eco-friendly buildings. The many tools and software for warehouse management are also a factor in pollution. These tools should serve as allies to study the shortest routes, or optimize transportation and avoid traveling empty.

New environmental sustainability milestones at green logistics expo 2022

Inside the Green logistics Expo held a few days ago, the 140 exhibitors, major players in the industry such as Interporto di Padova, MSC, Fercam, Mercitalia, G.T.S., told how to avoid impacting the environment. Through numerous meetings and conferences on the future of logistics in Italy and Europe. There were insights on Intermodality, Intralogistics, City Logistics, and E-commerce where the priority of making supply chain processes more efficient using innovation was discussed, how Italy is about to change thanks to PNRR funds.

In fact, the European NRP has provided numerous funds for the “modernization of infrastructure and to the digitization of processes” and will involve all souls of the supply chain.

Associations representing the industry such as ANITA (National Association of Automobile Transport Companies), ran conferences on road freight transport, and Assologistica, which brought together member companies around the latest in technological innovations and environmental sustainability with a look toward the future, toward E-commerce logistics and the new online and green normality.

Invest in sustainable logistics, differentiate yourself from competitors for a positive return on brand reputation and the surrounding environment.

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