How to become a truck driver?

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The truck driving profession is one of the most coveted professions as it knows no crisis and allows people to travel around our country.

In fact, in Italy, road transport is prevalent , despite the expansion of rail transport, but how to become a truck driver? It is not enough to know how to drive a truck, you have to have specific training and requirements.

So many people dream of driving a truck, in the following paragraphs we will look at everything a person needs to do to start this profession.

The main duties of the truck driver

A truck driver is one who drives a heavy vehicle, which can be a truck or other means of transportation that falls under heavy equipment such as atruck-trailer, tank truck, andtractor-trailer.

Being a truck driver means driving a truck to move goods for trucking companies, shippers, couriers or other firms that specialize in ordinary and extraordinary domestic and international transportation.

The main tasks of the truck driver include:

  • Control of all cargo loading operations on the truck
  • Checking the status of the cargo and filling out the necessary documentation (ddt)
  • Planning of transportation operations
  • Checking and monitoring the condition of the truck before leaving
  • Transportation of goods to destination
  • Monitor fuel levels and check oil, filter and tire condition
  • Operation of unloading and delivery of goods

How many hours does a truck driver drive?

The typical workday for a truck driver is not spending most of the time driving. There are mandatory breaks that the worker must take. The legal regulations are very stringent and must be followed to the letter if one does not want to incur penalties.

Breaks are important and crucial, as the truck driver has a huge responsibility for what concerns road safety, being so many hours behind the wheel, he must always drive in the best mental and physical condition so as not to be a danger on the roads.

The succession of compulsory breaks is automatically recorded dl tachograph, a mandatory instrument on heavy vehicles that, works like a timer, signaling the hours of travel and the hours of stop.

Professional drivers must never exceed 9 hours of driving per day, therefore, the weekly limit is 56 hours. The driving limit for two weeks is 90 hours total. Drivers must compulsorily stop for 45 minutes every 4 1/2 hours of driving, except when about to start a rest shift.

Truck driver’s weekly rest

It is also important to have specific weekly rest days in order to maintain optimal mental and physical conditions.

Again, there are strict rules: weekly rest is a minimum of 45 hours and at least 24 consecutive hours. A maximum of 6 consecutive driving days are allowed, and then rest must be triggered.

There is also a form of rest reduced to 24 hours per week, but the hours that are missed must then be made up within the next three weeks. Rest should be enjoyed outside the truck, except in cases of very long transfers.

How to become a truck driver and how much do you earn

To become a truck driver you need a
license to drive trucks
, the old C license is no longer enough ; it must be combined with the CQC. In fact, the C license is required to drive trucks but not to become a truck driver, as it gives the ability to transport goods for one’s own account, but if one does it for others, one needs the CQC, the qualification card that gives the qualification for professional transportation.

The C license is valid for 5 years and can be obtained until the age of 65, after which it must be renewed every two years.

The CQC is issued after a training course and passing the relevant exam, which is used to demonstrate that you have the necessary technical and legislative skills.

Topics include traffic laws, safety regulations, paperwork, operation of combustion engines, fuel systems, electrical system, transmission, speed-limiting devices, truck maintenance, ect…

The Qualification Card is valid for 5 years from the date of passing the examination. For each renewal, it is mandatory to take the training course at an authorized driving school or institution.

We would also like to remind you that an ADR license is required for the transport of dangerous goods; to obtain it, you must register through the relevant DMV office, take a course and access the exam. It is valid for 5 years, and renewal is obtained through a mandatory course and a written examination.

How much does a truck driver make

How much does a truck driver make? This is a question many people ask themselves, especially those who want to approach this profession. Salary guidance can be found on the collective bargaining agreement for “Logistics, Transportation and Shipping” workers.

Thus, depending on the level, the salary can range from €1,144.68 to a maximum of €2,298.31; in addition, due to seniority, the worker is entitled to five biennial increases.

A truck driver who has been in the profession for less than three years can earn an average salary of up to €1,450 net per month; one with experience from 4 to 9 years, can earn up to €1,780 net per month, while a very experienced truck driver with more than 10 years of road work can earn an average of €2,250 net per month. Those who work abroad can also earn up to €3,000 net per month.

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