How much does a truck license cost?

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In order to drive and work on trucks, it is necessary to have specific driver’s licenses, one of the most in-demand is the C truck license, which, has recently been reformed and divided into various articulations. But how much does a truck license cost? Let’s try to shed some light, but first let’s find out the types of C license and how they differ from the classic B license.

C license: the types

With a B license everyone drives cars, but when it comes to directing heavy transport vehicles such as trucks, a C license is mandatory.

The C driver’s license is divided into C, C1, CE and C1E, each from different ratings and has a specific pathway for obtaining them.

The C license is the license for trucks, just as it is for all other segments, the difference being that each type of license has its own specifics.

With a C license you can drive vehicles with a mass of 12 tons and less, with a maximum length of 8 meters, equipped with a manual transmission and ABS.

The C1 license is suitable for those who want to drive heavy vehicles but with limited weight, that is, with a total mass under 4 tons and length of no more than 5 meters, with assisted braking and ABS system.

The CE allows driving of articulated trucks not exceeding 14 meters in length and mass between 3.5 and 20 tons, manual transmission, ABS and closed box.

C1E , on the other hand, allows driving heavy vehicles with a mass between 3.5 and 7 tons, even with a trailer as long as the total length does not exceed 12 meters.

How to get a C driver’s license

The C driver’s license is undoubtedly the most in-demand, because it allows you to drive freight vehicles on your own account, so it is also ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

The driver’s license for driving trucks or other third-party transport is always C, but a CQC Merci certification, which is essential to become a truck driver, is also required.

In order to obtain this certification, one must be at least 21 years old and have a B driver’s license and follow a course at a C license driving school, which is authorized to issue this type of license. One can register as young as 18 but there are limitations on the vehicles to be driven and for some categories of C license there is also a requirement to attend courses to obtain the CQC Merci.

There is also a theory and practical exam for the C license. The first is based on 40 questions, which becomes 20 if you already have C1.

After passing both theory and practice you get your C license, the timeframe usually varies and ranges from three to four months or six to seven months, the length of driving school depends mostly on the student and his or her preparation.

How much does the C license cost?

In general, the truck license cost ranges from 1100 euros to 1400 euros by attending a driving school, but you can save up to 30 percent if you study on your own, avoiding the theory course.

In contrast, applying directly to the DMV as a private driver can save a lot on the cost of the C license, but the waiting time is longer-after registration you will have 6 months to take the theory test and 5 for the practice.

The cost of C truck licenses in this case includes two payments of 16€ and 26.40€, the medical certificate with 16€ stamp and another 16€ to be paid before taking the final test. Overall the cost is 150€ without the guides, while with practice the price goes up a lot.

It is recommended to make all the assessments according to one’s needs in order to be able to obtain the C license at an advantageous cost, also taking into account the difficulty of the study and the time for obtaining it in the two modes.

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